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National Recovery Month September 2014 | 25 Years of Recognition

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With the end of summer drawing near, September is here!  September 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of what is known as Harvesting the Voices of Recovery Festival, where for a full 30 days, national attention is focused on mental and substance abuse disorders.  This time of the year provides SAMHSA, treatment programs, and health organizations with extra reason to shed light on sharing necessary information about addiction and recovery to the public.

National Recovery Month

It is crucial to keep talking about areas of concern.  When serious matters don’t get discussed, nothing is brought to light or solved.  Choosing to ignore the growing addiction problem in our country and not addressing available solutions, discourages people from living a successful life free from their addictions.  National Recovery Month has proven pivotal in previous years because it showcases that recovery is possible and that every addict, alcoholic, or unstable individual has the opportunity to achieve freedom.  People who are struggling need to see that others are happy and living fulfilling lives in recovery.  In addition to spreading a message of hope, it also unites the people recovering as well.

The public can observe National Recovery Month in groups and by themselves too.  Some states hold public events where all recovering people can gather in celebration of their success and newfound peace of mind.  There has been great hype about all kinds of diverse activities from sober group gatherings at sporting events to 5k walk and runs.  It doesn’t have to stop there though.  Get some friends together for a sober occasion of your own like a picnic, barbecue, or movie marathon.  Scenarios like these allow you to recognize the month by enjoying spending time with one another and actually being present in the moment.

South Florida Festivities

Because South Florida is nationally known for being big on recovery, there are already a number of scheduled events to celebrate National Recovery Month this September!  In Sunrise at Markham Park during the afternoon on September 20 their will be outdoor gathering where all can get together and rejoice over how far they have come in their journey with the help of one another.  On September 26, there will be a recovery month block party celebration open to the public in Jacksonville.  It is important for recovering individuals to remember that they can still have fun sober so food, music, and fun is promised to be included at the festivities.

Find out more information here on the South Florida National Recovery Month celebrations.

A life without abusing substances and/or suffering from an untreated mental disorder is possible.  If you are battling with an addiction and in need of help, contact The Watershed for help today.

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