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National Depression Screening Day Highlights Mental Health Awareness

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National Depression Screening Day is on Thursday, October 9.  Are you planning on taking the online evaluation?  Even if you don’t feel depressed right now, you might want to consider taking a depression screening, and here’s why.

National Depression Screening Day

Today is National Depression Screening Day, which is designated to raise awareness about mental health by encouraging people to get a checkup from the neck-up.  Screening for a mental health issue is important because the earlier a person can uncover the issue, the sooner they can look at their options for treatment, and then the better quality of life they are more likely to have.  Even if it appears as though nothing is wrong, it is a good idea to check out the website and get screened, because a mental illness isn’t always as obvious  as one might think.  On National Depression Screening Day, each person who wishes to partake in the online evaluation can go to and select the area of mental concern that they would like to screen for.  After answering a few questions, results are given instantaneously with enough information to nudge them in the appropriate direction.

Substance Disorder vs. Chemical Imbalance

Did you know alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease and not a matter of moral failings? The good news is that there is treatment for those suffering from addiction. When an addict and/or alcoholic begins the recovery process, they may experience a rapid fluctuation in moods, resembling signs of varied mental health disorders which can sometimes be misdiagnosed.  These fluctuations can be caused from a complete depletion or an overproduction and accumulation of chemicals that create an offset in brain chemistry, referred to as a chemical imbalance.  However, an addict and/or alcoholic may be displaying signs of depression, behaving anxiously, having rapid cycling thoughts, and portraying other signs of mental illness because of the withdrawal period from their substance of choice.  This is why it may be difficult to decipher whether their symptoms are solely due to recovering from their addiction, if they have a natural chemical imbalance in the brain that signifies a mental health concern, or if it is a combination of the two – known as a co-occurring dual diagnosis.  It can be beneficial for an addict and/or alcoholic to be in a rehabilitation treatment center for this reason, where a professional team can monitor, diagnose, and then treat the patient accordingly.  There are separate, unique treatments for each mental health issue, and effective, positive results from treatment are dependent upon accurate diagnosis.

The Watershed

The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs is equipped to satisfy the addict and/or alcoholic who is hankering to recover from their disease.  With a collaboration of professional therapists, psychiatrists, medical staff, and on-site facilitators, there is always someone available to provide necessary support to the patient.  As a dual diagnosis treatment facility, The Watershed takes depression screening and mental health seriously.  Suffering from both a mental illness and a substance abuse disorder can be extremely debilitating and distressful without proper help.  With The Watershed team providing each patient indispensable treatment while in a safe and comfortable atmosphere, relief and ease is re-introduced into the patients’ lives to allow them to function properly again.

Alcohol And Drug Addiction Screening

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