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Nalmefene May Lessen Desire for Alcohol Consumption But It’s No Cure

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New pill claims to be a miracle cure for alcohol abuse. The makers of Nalmefene claim this drug has the potential to salvage a total of an approximate 1,854 lives during the period of half a decade, as well as put an end to an accumulation of 43,074 health issues and ailments attributed to alcohol.  At least that’s what the manufacturers of Nalmefene tablets have claimed, as their product has made its way to Scotland in October of last year and England this month.


Nalmefene is the most recent medication introduced in the United Kingdom as a treatment for individuals suffering from alcohol dependency.  With over 600,000 people falling in that category, the country may be in need of a successful method of treatment.  What is nalmefene exactly?  Nalmefene, which also goes under the brand name of Selincro, is for individuals who would like to cut down on their drinking, but is not for the severe drinker or for people who can stop consuming alcoholic drinks on their own with little difficulty.  It’s actually not yet approved as a treatment for alcohol dependency in the United States.  It has, however, been found to be an effective opioid overdose reversal treatment option, and was deemed acceptable for such in 1995.  Naloxone was found more affordable in later years though.  The concept behind Nalmefene is, if the person to whom it is prescribed takes their dose each day, there will be a decrease in their desire to drink over the course of the next few weeks and theoretically, notice a reduction in the amount of alcoholic drinks consumed.

Research Studies

When two research studies were conducted, the results proved that nalmefene, along with supplementary therapeutic treatment, caused a decrease of alcohol consumption in 61% of participants within the time span of half a year.  In those six months, their drinking was reduced from 13.5 units a day to 5 units.  The other study that only had counseling without nalmefene as a form of treatment didn’t have as large of a reduction.

Alcoholism: Disease with No Known Cure

The truth of the reality is that alcoholism is a disease with no known cure.  Despite this, an addiction to alcohol is treatable.  Although it sounds like nalmefene may be great as a supplementary medication to help some alcoholics with their sobriety and cravings for alcohol, a treatment plan that highlights working a concrete program in recovery is strongly encouraged for long-lasting, substantial sobriety.  This is where the person suffering from alcohol abuse would learn of their ailments, and how they can build their character to correct the areas in their life that they may not have even realized were suffering.  Daily reprieves like this are exactly the maintenance that has been far more sustainable than any manufactured pill could ever provide as an alleged cure for alcoholism.  There’s much more depth and despair to the disease of alcoholism than simply the substance itself.  The disease affects the body, mind, and spirit.  It takes a hold on the alcoholic’s life and causes them to refrain from living.  Abstinence does not equate to a life of sobriety, and an alcoholic should be careful of confusing the two.  Not drinking alcohol is separate from sobriety, because an alcoholic being sober contains an enhanced spiritual enlightenment, and also commitment to a program of recovery where they work with others to recognize and avoid their own selfish tendencies.  If a cure for alcoholism was as simple as a pill, it would almost be as though the alcoholic is cheating themselves out of really working on their innermost selves to reveal the life they were intended to live before ever picking up that first drink.  There’s a great deal of work an alcoholic can do on themselves, just as any human being can throughout the course of their life.  Spiritual growth has no ceiling and there is always room for self-improvement when it comes to character building.

Are you suffering from the disease of alcoholism and ready to start implementing change to work toward a life of sobriety?  Contact The Watershed today and broaden your horizons to aspire living the life you deserve.

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