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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm & Meditate

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We shared with all of you a positive affirmation each morning for 7 days straight last week on Facebook, as well as our other social media sites. At The Watershed we understand the importance of building a strong foundation as it not only relates to recovery, but also to an individual’s self-worth. Inspiration can be obtained from anywhere, shared with anyone, and participated in at any time. We feel very fortunate to be able to share our hope, inspiration, and positive messages to all those who are seeking a better way of life.


The importance of meditation for those in recovery, and even out, is paramount.  The more one meditates, the happier they are likely to become. Meditation, combined with positive affirmations, will not only change your mood but also your entire attitude towards yourself, others, and the world. In order to fully appreciate meditation through engaging in positive affirmations, one has to understand what a positive affirmation is. A positive affirmation is simply a positive thought or idea that when repeated, or mediated on, can actually change the way the human brain thinks. It’s basically the act of affirming a new found belief from a negative to a positive.

The idea is to cast aside all negative ideas, beliefs, and thoughts and replace them with new found healthy ones. If a negative thought can become a truth just because it was repeated enough times, then a positive one can surely do the same. Change can be scary but, we should embrace who we are as humans and work on recreating our happiness from the inside out rather than beat ourselves up. For many of us in recovery, and anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle, we saw that when we were happy on the inside we felt compelled to share that happiness with others. We wanted to do just that with all of you, which is why we love to share and engage positively with all of our friends on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google +. We believe that happiness can spread just as quickly as addiction has. We believe in changing the attitudes of individuals, but also communities, maybe even the world. Are you willing to change the way you think and help others see the world in a more beautiful way? It starts with you, with us, with all of our actions. It can start today.

If you missed last week’s Positive Affirmation posts, no worries, please see below and share with others!

Written by: Watershed Ashling

Positive Affirmations Challange: Click Image Below
























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