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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm & Be Yourself

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keep calm and be yourself“In a world where you can be anything, be yourself” ― Etta Turner

Be Yourself Meditation

When we enter recovery most of us were just trying to get clean and sober, as time went on we wanted more. We saw that we didn’t just want to be clean and sober, but we wanted to be happy too. Some of us tried to find that happiness through material things, but we later saw that we wanted to be happy with ourselves. The concept just "be yourself" baffled us, because most of us found out that we didn’t know who we were in the first place.

We classified ourselves as brother/sister, son/daughter, or father/mother. We classified ourselves by our jobs, friends, and environment. Towards the end we would classify ourselves by our drug addiction or alcoholism. We were junkies, drunks, crack heads, losers, and the garbage of society. Sometimes, people were right if they judged us by our behaviors and not our intentions. In addition, not all addicts/alcoholics are sick people trying to get better, some of them are actually just bad people, and the drugs/alcohol is just part of that. For the rest of us, we were the real deal, we have the disease of addiction and alcoholism and even though our intentions were good, we struggled with getting clean and sober and being OK with ourselves.

When we really started to live a life of recovery and working a program, we slowly became OK with ourselves and we felt much more comfortable in our own skin. Be yourself didn’t seem like such a far-fetched concept anymore, it almost came naturally. We were still human and may have insecurity once in awhile keeping our unhealthy ego and pride in check, but for the most part we were comfortable in our skin and wore it best when we were ourselves. We cared less about what others thought because we knew our intentions, motives, and actions were pure; we could walk into a room comfortable because we had a Higher Power to lean on.

The longer we stay sober, the more aware we become of ourselves and those around us. We become presented with feelings that allow us to address character defects so that we can continue to grow and be more comfortable with being ourselves. We are not perfect, but as we strive for perfection each day, and  we see how being ourselves helps others find themselves. Lead by a good example today by just being yourself and showing others how it works! 


Written By: Watershed Ashling

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