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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm & Be Happy

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“If only we'd stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time.”  – Edith Wharton


Many of us got high and drunk because we wanted to feel OK with ourselves, we wanted to be happy. It’s part of the human condition to try and seek out happiness. People look for happiness in many different places, like in drugs, alcohol, money, people, places, material things, anyone can add to the list. The problem was that none of these things were making us happy. When we got or achieved something that made us happy, we soon found that it wasn’t good enough and so we needed more.

The reality is, happiness can never be obtained from the outside. No matter how hard we tried, in and out of recovery, we couldn’t get and stay happy. We were always looking over the fence to greener grass, compared our insides to others' outsides, or would believe that “if only…I would be happy.” We not only wasted time at being happy, but we also wasted other peoples happiness based on these false beliefs.  If we wanted to be happy, we learned we had to be free of our own thinking.

Keep Calm

If we were to find and keep happiness, we saw that we had to work on building it from the inside out. By building our relationship through meditation with our Higher Power, helping others, and living selflessly, we began to experience what true happiness was. If you want to know how to be happy, follow those who are happy. If you want to know how to keep calm and live happy, even be happy, take suggestions. When we think less of ourselves and our little plans, when we think less of our wants and desires and more about how we can be a part of the world with others, we will know happiness. We have a choice today, we can choose to feel sorry for ourselves, be greedy and selfish and ultimately be miserable and fake our happiness to others, or we can be genuinely happy by taking simple suggestions and then doing them! The choice is ours. 

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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