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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm and Inspire

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keep calm inspire“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” – Marilyn Monroe

Keep Calm & Inspire

Life is always changing and sometimes change can not only be scary, but exhausting too. There are things in this world that are just out of our control and we can choose to be miserable or take our experience to grow and inspire others. Instead of obsessing over the things we can’t change, we must focus on what we can: our attitude, actions, and energy. If we play the victim of circumstances we will lose sight of all the beauty that is in the world. When we direct our attention towards inspiring others through our difficult times, we not only give hope, we obtain it too.

Being uncomfortable is not always a bad thing; it could mean great changes are occurring. We may not always see the big picture, but as long as we continue on our spiritual path, we will be OK. We are about the actions, not so much the results. We leave the results up to our Higher Power and trust that as long as we put forth the action to being better people and helping others, we will be taken care of ourselves.

How many of us in long-term recovery, when looking back, saw how things just flowed and fell into place with little control on our part? We could share with the newcomer in confidence our bad experiences and explain to them how it helped us grow, and helps others.

One of the hardest things for humans to do is let go of something they think they want or need. We struggled to keep our houses, cars, jobs, and people; we fought for these things that others could clearly see we should let go of. We held tightly onto these things because we were in fear and could not see that maybe if we let go, there was something better ahead of us. This was called blind faith, and many of us we scared to have it. We saw that when we did take that leap of faith, we were filled with great serenity and peace of mind. Our recovery was taken to another level and our faith turned into belief.

Today let your faith in recovery programs be the same faith as it pertains to your entire life. Don’t hold onto things that should be let go, don’t keep things that need not be kept, and trust that there is something greater waiting for you, you just have to let go and keep moving forward. In the meantime, inspire others by showing them in difficult times that you not only stay clean and sober, but you remain happy and grateful. Together we show how this works one day at a time.

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