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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm and Believe

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"I believe in a Higher Power and I believe in good and bad, right and wrong. You sleep in the bed you make. – Leif Garrett


Many addicts and alcoholics may find themselves walking out of the rooms of recovery the very moment they hear they have to believe in a power greater than themselves if they want to stay clean and sober long-term. The thought of letting go and letting something much greater than ourselves take care of not only our sobriety, but also our lives, is a hard thing to swallow. Where was this greater power when we were drunk and high?

It’s best to keep things simple, as alcoholics and addicts we have a tendency of over analyzing our thoughts & ideas to the point of complete defeat. We are self-destructing and pretty darn selfish to the core. When we don’t get our way, when we want it, we are dissatisfied and resentful. We walk into the rooms bitter and angry, with or without sobriety. See, alcoholism/addiction is the symptom of the disease, our thinking is the problem. We have a disease of perception, life’s greatest lie. We are told that our Higher Power can be anything, for most of us, a group of addicts/alcoholics who were staying sober was good enough to start.

Step 3 (in pretty much any fellowship, have your pick) tells us that we were ready to make a decision (not a resolution) to turn our will and our lives over to this greater power (or the group, as in, take suggestions and do them). We just have to be willing to try something different. Recovery is a process and there is no finish line, no end to how much we can grow as human beings. The longer we stay sober and practice a real program of recovery, the more we connect on a spiritual level with this Higher Power. We may not believe in the beginning (or some times when we deal with tragedy in sobriety) but the closer we stay to others in the program, the more we listen rather than lecture, the more willing we are to believe that the group believes, the greater chance we have at happiness.

For many of us, getting clean and sober was all we wanted, until we saw that what we really wanted was to be happy. Happiness and freedom can be obtained in recovery, but we have to work for it. When we can’t believe, we believe in the group and let time have its place. If we give up before the miracle happens, we have to ask ourselves but one question “am I in the way of my own happiness in recovery?”

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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