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Motivational Meditation Monday: Honesty

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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

― Oscar Wilde


How often before entering a program of recovery did we try to be someone else? Alcohol and drugs were a means of escape, even if some of us didn’t know it. It was a way to be able to socially interact, be OK with who we were, and even be someone else for awhile. We worked harder, laughed more, and had more fun, or so we thought. We became everything we ever wanted to become so naturally we wanted more.

No matter how much we tried we could not chase that great high or buzz anymore. We were forever alone, miserable, and unsatisfied. We lied to our family, friends and even ourselves. We didn’t know we were doing it; we couldn’t separate what was true and false anymore.

Even when the truth was staring at us in the mirror, we couldn’t see. When we finally did see what we had become, we didn’t know how to change it. When we tried our first futile attempts to change, we sometimes failed and began to give up. The question became, how honest were we? Were we ready to really make that surrounding step into a new a life away from our best friends, our drugs and alcohol?

Our experience shows that when we are honest with ourselves, with others, and with our Higher Power rarely do we truly fail. We found that when we lived using only our pride and ego, we were more likely to get hurt, live in fear, and hurt others. Through meditation, we discover that when we are honest and walk with humility, we see a new world open up to us. With honesty come trust, growth, and new perspectives. When we are honest, we have a great shot at continuing our sobriety and finding true happiness. It works if you work it!

Written by: Watershed Ashling

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