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Most Popular Drinking Days in Winter

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most-popular-drinking-daysWhat are the most popular drinking days out of the year?  It turns out that the most common days to drink alcohol during the year all fall within the winter season.  The stress of the holidays, cold weather,  and various festivities can tempt any person to drink. According to an infographic revealed in June 2014 on, people were indulging in more alcoholic beverages particularly during the winter season.

Most Popular Drinking Days

There are a few days in which the blood alcohol content, or BAC, were found to be recorded significantly higher than normal during the winter season.  Because there are multiple holidays along with seasonal depression, it only makes sense that the winter season would host the most popular drinking days for Americans.  Alcohol consumption is prominent during winter because huge holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, and St. Patrick’s Day take hold during this time frame.  Super Bowl Sunday, the week of Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day Weekend were of the most popular days of the year for Americans to have had the most alcohol consumption.

Super Bowl Sunday

On Super Bowl Sunday weekend, February 1 – 2, 2013, it was found that an average of Americans had a BAC range between 0.090% and 0.091%.  A typical buzz can be achieved from a level of 0.055% or sometimes even lower.  These numbers insinuate that most Americans are past the point of extreme intoxication on Super Bowl Sunday.  This isn’t too much of a shock, considering the relationship that is often commonly associated between heavy drinking and sports.

Week of Valentine’s Day

The entire week leading up to Valentine’s Day proved to be another week during the winter season in which Americans were found to have high levels of a BAC.  This isn’t a huge surprise either, as this is another occasion that can be quite the trigger for people who don’t have a significant other and turn to alcohol to solve their relationship woes to numb their emotional pain.  In fact, the day following Valentine’s Day resulted in the average American having a reported BAC of 0.092% according to recorded data.  It’s unfortunate but true that people have the tendency to turn to substances as a crutch to provide relief for hurt and affliction instead of reaching out to resources like friends, family, or professionals and verbalizing their distresses.  There are healthier coping mechanisms to resort to than turning to alcohol as an attempt to solve problems because the truth is that substances only provide temporary relief before wearing off, leaving the individual often feeling worse than before.

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Most popular drinking days in March are around one of the luckiest holidays in the year. The weekend leading up St. Patrick’s Day also has one of the greatest BAC levels between 0.087% and 0.094% for Americans during the winter season.  This is another holiday where festivities can go overboard quickly and escalate.  The BAC average shows how the average American is far past the point of inebriation.

When it comes to the most popular drinking days of the year, Super Bowl Sunday, the week of Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day Weekend take the top of the list during the winter season.  Winter is huge for drinking alcohol because of these holidays where people tend to lean toward substances more often as a crutch for their emotions or to rejoice in festivities.  Even people who do not have a problem with drinking should be cautious of their alcohol consumption because problems can arise if they drink too much, end up driving, become too intoxicated, and make poor judgement.

Looking for more information on the most popular drinking days of the year? Click here: Drinking Season Infographic

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