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More Drug and Alcohol Related Celebrity Arrests

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Continuing on the famous-people-that-are-drug-addicts train, news of the Lindsey Lohan arrest and the Amanda Bynes DUI debacle has been circulating throughout the media world the last few days. Unlike some of Bynes’ and Lohan’s other acting counterparts, these leading ladies are not counted among the former celebrity addicts who are now in recovery. While it is well documented that Lohan has struggled with alcohol and drug abuse in the past, it is clear with this latest arrest news that she has not been trying to reform her ways. As for Bynes, her DUI and collision with a police car, along with photos of her smoking pot, are just a chain of recent events that reflect a steep downward spiral.

Celebrity Arrests Old News?

In stories that Shaun White may resonate with, Lohan was arrested for fleeing the scene of a NYC accident, while Bynes was also arrested for two hit-and-runs as well as running into a police car. Shaun White, while not driving under the influence, certainly was under it as he smashed a hotel phone and pulled a fire alarm at 2:00AM this past Sunday at a Nashville hotel. He was arrested after trying to flee the scene. Wow. Along with the Shaun White arrest, are these ladies trying to imbibe some of Cat Marnell’s antics? Is White trying to channel a younger version of Charlie Sheen? Again, while it is not surprising that these young celebrities, thrown into a world with no restraint but all accessibility, should lose all compunction and morph into perennial tabloid and mainstream media fodder.

How does the story end? How did it begin?

It might not be all that outlandish to presume that Lohan has given more autographs to law enforcement officers than anyone else. The story even takes a more bizarre turn when one takes into account Lohan’s parents: Dina and Mike don’t seem to be providing what you would call a stable family life. A tumultuous divorce, followed by mudslinging accusations, followed by Dina’s most recent and, well bizarre—most apropos word here, even if it is overused!—interview with Dr. Phil. Dina seems to blame some of her daughter’s issues on living in Los Angeles. It is the entire city’s fault?

While people are surprised that celebrity arrests due to drugs and alcohol are still prevalent, they shouldn’t be surprised. Our news outlets will still be faithful in reporting the latest celebrity arrest stories, as well as celebrity rehab stories, reminding us that while although they get more attention, addicts and alcoholics are people, celebrities or otherwise! Update: Fiona Apple arrested in west Texas for possession of hashish. The parade goes on…

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