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#MondayMotivation: Dearly Beloved | Weekly Meditation

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dearly beloved prince quote“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.” – Prince, 1958-2016.

Dearly Beloved

One of my favorite quotes by prince was from the song “Dearly Beloved,” and how true this is for the alcoholic and addict who may be struggling in and out of recovery.

Life happens and it happens whether we are clean and sober, or not. We are all on this journey trying to get through this thing called life and our perception is key if we want to get through it happy.

If I believe life is difficult and hard and miserable, my life will be just that. The same goes for if I believe my life is happy and full and joyous. My perception on my life and myself is imperative if I want to live a life that is beyond my wildest dreams.

Things like self-pity, selfishness, and negativity have no room in my head if I want to be happy, joyous, and free from fear and addiction – it really is that simple.

Life shouldn’t be just about getting through it; it should be about experiencing it. All the good and bad experiences that we collect can help shape and mold us for the better. Provided we make a decision to use those experiences to grow. The choice is ours. We can either grow and glow or blame circumstances and become victims of our tragedies. What will our choice be?

Just for today, I will believe my life is full of happiness, love, and positivity and I will choose to live it that way.

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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