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#MondayMotivation: Re-write Your History | Weekly Meditation

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 Re-write Your History“Care, but not too much. Take responsibility, but don’t blame yourself.” – Anonymous

Re-write Your History

When we get sober, some of us still hang onto some of those old ideas and beliefs, even after the steps and especially if we go through a challenging time in our life. Maybe some things we thought we let go of, but we discover later that they never left us. Are there things in your past that you blame yourself for? If so, maybe we need to re-write history a bit.

Did you know that our perception is pretty powerful? We may even play our past out in a certain way that allows our inner voice and critic to beat ourselves up or validate our negative thoughts? Depression, anxiety, or stress can help feed that voice, too. Many people actually suffer from one or all three, but aren’t even aware of it because their symptoms are not as pronounced as others may be, but when we don’t address these feelings, they may eventually make their up and come out in other ways. Sometimes guilt, shame, sadness, anger,  and/or fear may crop up in place of. Even when something is happening in your life to promote those feelings, or when nothing is happening. Either way, it’s normal to feel all these feelings, but they don’t have to consume you. The story you have in your heard about your past may not be as bad as you are playing it out in your present.  Or if it is, the continuous guilt does nothing for you then or now, and will not help any kind of healing for anyone. It is time to filter those issues and let go.

Overcome your guilt and let go of those old ideas and beliefs.  Live life to fullest, try, make mistakes, but don’t beat yourself up for your failures. Let go of false beliefs that tell you are not good enough, that you are being punished, or that you are alone. It is time to be free of any burden you have placed on your shoulders from your past, so that you can heal and move towards a beautiful present and future.

Just for today, I will let go of my past and I will no longer beat myself up for my actions. I will forgive myself and move forward.

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