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#MondayMotivation: Overcome Fear | Weekly Meditation

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overcome fear“Thinking will not overcome fear, action will.”- W. Clement Stone

Overcome Fear, Take Action

First Things First

Start at the beginning and take it one step, one action, and one moment at a time. When we overthink the process we may then start to head into catastrophic thinking. This ultimately feeds unnecessary worry and fear. Breathe and focus on one action, or thing, at a time and let the rest happen exactly as it is supposed to without your input.

Feelings Aren’t Facts

Just because you feel scared, doomed, or hopeless, doesn’t mean those feelings are facts – they are just feelings and can be changed at any time. So often our perception becomes stronger as we overthink things that we swear they are real, but that is just not true. Share your feelings with a trusted friend so that you can hash out the fantasy from the real and push towards a new direction of positive thinking.

Don’t Overthink

Imagination is a gift, but when used too much and too often for the wrong thoughts it can become destructive and unhealthy. If you honestly believe in all the things that could go wrong, then you also have to believe in all the things that could go right. Instead of focusing on the negative, it’s time to start focusing your energy on positive things.

Take Action

Be about the action towards your goals and dreams and leave the results up to your higher power. You may be scared or filled with anxiety, but you are not alone and relying on support and a higher power as you navigate your fears will help.

Have Faith

Having faith doesn’t mean that you aren’t scared, it just means that you are attempting each moment to rely on a power greater than yourself and push through your fears so that you can achieve true freedom and happiness. Prayer and meditation are great tools to help you do just that.

Just for today, I will rely on a power greater than myself, trust the process, and step out of my own way.

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