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#MondayMotivation: Love Is Action | Weekly Meditation

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“True love is action, and it has no ending.”love is action

Love Is Action

What is true love? Love is action!

Love is free and can not be bought, sold, stolen, or traded. It is self-less and does not come with conditions. There are no score cards and in order to have it last, there must be a 100% commitment to your higher power, yourself, them, and your relationship.

Love is ever lasting and has no ending, it is a spiritual connection between two souls and when it is real, it shouldn’t be a struggle. There will be good times and there will be bad times, but if the entire relationship is a constant fight or struggle to survive, then it either is not love or there is action missing from both sides.

Love should be freeing, it should make you grow, and it should feel natural. If there is doubt in your mind and heart about the love you have for another person, then chances are it might not be true love.

Many times we can confuse lust with love, or we settle because we think we can’t do any better, it’s comfortable, and walking away would be too painful and complicated. We sell ourselves and them short when we do this. When we settle for less than we deserve, we rob ourselves of the beautiful life that could be waiting for us. We allow our relationship to drag onto the bitter end because we have the false belief that we are in love, when really, we are just selfishly staying. We do this because it is easier to be miserable in the relationship than it is to break free and go towards the unknown.

Love is self-less, giving, understanding, open in communication,supportive, respectful, fair, honest, tolerant, caring, patient, safe, spiritual, and freeing. Love is in your action and theirs.

Just for today, I will show love to my higher power, myself, and others with my action. I will free myself of anything that blocks this kind of love.

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