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#MondayMotivation: Just Say No | Weekly Meditation

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JUST-SAY-NO“Nis a complete sentence, so just say no.”

Just Say No

‘No’ is a complete sentence and for some of us, the hardest one to say. Especially when we are consumed by fear of what others may think of us. It is totally normal to have difficulty with setting boundaries, but once the barrier is broken, it can be the most freeing experience ever.

Think about how many times in a day, or even a week, where you felt the strong need and desire to say no, but didn’t. How did that make you feel? Were you resentful at others or the situation for having to say yes? What if I told you it wasn’t their fault, even if they gave a guilt trip, and that you had the power to say no the entire time? Well, you did and you always have had it, but you have to stop giving up your power to others and start setting healthy boundaries.

When we set healthy boundaries, we are showing real love to ourselves, as well as others. This is because we are being true to ourselves and everyone around us. It is not uncommon for those who can’t say no to act out passive aggressively, and this can be confusing to others. When we are passive aggressive, our loved ones have no clue where we stand, or where they stand with us, and this can cause unnecessary chaos, distrust, and resentments.

So, in short, if you know you need to say no, then say no. It is better to be yourself always, then try to pretend and please everyone.

Just for today, I will say no when I need to so that I can set healthy boundaries with others. 

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