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#MondayMotivation: Enjoy The Process | Weekly Meditation

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Enjoy The Process “Hurry up and wait!” – Unknown

Enjoy The Process

Sometimes we can get so focused on a goal, dream, or idea that we just want to rush through the process and be done already, but we end up losing more when we go too fast.

When we race through life, we may lose lessons that we need to learn, experiences that would help us grow, or miss out on happy memories with our loved ones. Let’s take a moment to slow down and allow the process to unfold for a moment.

Am I rushing my days away or allowing my thoughts to race on without me?

It’s good to have goals and dreams and even better to go after them, but don’t forget to enjoy the process. This is life, not a race, and there is no rush to complete it. Recovery is also part of life, so there is also no rush to complete that either. Life is all about the journey and how we engage with ourselves, others, and our experiences.

Some of us may also be going through changes or need to make some changes in our lives, but that too doesn’t need to be as rushed as we make it out to be. Even if it’s an immediate action that needs to be taken, because slowing down the chatter and confusion in our minds will also help us come to decisions that need to be made or action that needs to be taken.

Just for today, give yourself permission to slow down and enjoy the process of your life.

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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