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#MondayMotivation: Please Don’t Feed The Fears | Weekly Meditation

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“Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death.” Please-dont-feed-the-fears_thewatershed

Don’t Feed The Fears

Being scared is part of being human and it’s OK to be afraid sometimes, but when we feed the fears more than we feed our faith, it can become destructive. In order to stop this behavior, we must first alter our thoughts and reaction to fears. This can be done in a few simple steps.


Change is one of the top motivators of fear. The unknown, uncertainty, and powerlessness can cause a lot of mixed emotions. Sometimes the change is something exciting like a new relationship, while other times it might be something more in-depth like heath issues. How we react to it makes all the difference in the world. Our thinking can help create a better space through the change. If the only thing that is repeating in our head is negative thoughts, it will come out in our action and attitude, so if we want to have peace of mind and body, we have to work towards creating that in our everyday lives.

Quit Your Thoughts

Prayer and meditation are great ways to practice quieting the mind so that more positive thoughts can come into our lives. This will also help to not feed the fears, but rather feed our faith. When we think, act, and are positive the world around us seems to change for the better.

Identify, Not Compare

Comparing your inside to someone else’s outside can create a lot of unnecessary fear. It’s OK to identify with others, but you shouldn’t compare where you are at in your life to where others are at. You are exactly where you are supposed to be and each person’s journey and story is unique and special, so don’t worry about what others are doing and create your own life that is perfect for you.


Action towards achieving your goals and happiness will not only give purpose, but help you feel and know that you are working towards the beautiful story of your life. This may also include the action of reaching out to supports and friends through difficult times, seeking counsel, or getting out of your own way and letting go, so that better things can come in.

Just for today, I will not feed my fears, but I will feed my faith.

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