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#MondayMotivation: Be Happy | Weekly Meditation

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monday motivation_be happy“Be happy and smile.” – Anonymous

Be Happy

Let’s get pumped today, because it’s time to be happy. Did you know there are some tricks to achieving happiness on a daily and you can start today? You can and here is how.

Be Active

Taking time out of your day to dedicate even just 10 minutes of exercise can change your whole attitude and outlook on life.  Take a moment today to get yourself physically active so you can feel mentally fit.


Hang out with people who make you smile and laugh. Hanging out with friends will help charge your happy battery and keep you motivated to stay that way.


Get outside more today! Fresh air and natures colors and smells are proven to help reduce anxiety and encourage happiness.


Eating a balanced diet helps fuel your body for a more happier and healthier you, so grab some fruit and veggies to add to your plate today.


What you say on repeat you will believe, so today be kind when talking to yourself, you deserve it.

Rest & Relaxation

And finally, if you are someone who doesn’t get enough sleep, start getting the rest your body needs. By eliminating naps and excessive caffeine, you will be able to sleep better and longer. In addition, take out at least 10 minutes today to just chill out and relax.

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Just for today, be happy and know that amazing things are coming your way!

Smile, @WatershedRecovery

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