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Miley Cyrus: Drug Use In New Song We Can’t Stop

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Step aside Hannah Montana; Miley Cyrus has a new attitude and look. Miley Cyrus’s new song “We Can’t Stop” certainly has the attention of her fans with her risky lyrics, dance moves, and fashion attire. Although it’s understandable to want to escape the “Disney princess” theme of her past and come into your own as an artist, her behavior is pretty erratic, out of control, and a little on the trashy side. Many are wondering if drugs are becoming a major problem for Miley Cyrus, which would really explain a lot of her most recent transition.

Miley Cyrus, Please Stop

First Lindsey Lohan was in the news this year, then Amanda Bynes started to make headlines, and now Miley Cyrus feels the need to take away the spotlight from both ladies. At what point did doing drugs, being sloppy, and acting promiscuous become attractive? Has this always been so readily acceptable by our society or is this something that has become just more acceptable as a result of young stars leading by example? There was a time where abusing drugs was frowned upon – now it seems to be just part of growing up.

Drug Abuse

The sad truth is is that we encourage this behavior, especially among young stars. We can’t very well put the total blame on Miley Cyrus for trying to fit in and make sales; we buy it and promote it. Most of us are just trying to find our place in the world and want to not only be liked but also feel OK about who and what we are. Is this really a cry for help from Miley Cyrus that we may all be missing? Are we so programmed to just like what we see others like that we are forgetting that this is a person who may actually be suffering from drug abuse? Only time will tell if Miley develops a drug addiction problem, we can only hope that she seeks the help she deserves rather than try to cover it up so she can please her fans.

Doing drugs may seem fun for some, but to an addict and their family its nothing but heart ache. If you are struggling with substance abuse problems, please give us a call us at 1-800-861-1768, or chat live now There is life outside of addiction.

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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