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Michele Leonhart Resigning from Drug Enforcement Administration Role

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Michele-Leonhart-Resigning_twsMichele Leonhart will be leaving her title as Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration by the end of May.  The main reasons Leonhart was pressed to resign from her duties include claims DEA agents took part in informal sex conduct with prostitutes that were paid for by drug cartels.

Michele Leonhart Resigns from DEA

Originally, Michele Leonhart made her way into the administration when George W. Bush appointed her in November 2007 and brought her into a position of leadership and authority.  Three years later, President Barack Obama presented Leonhart with the opportunity to perform as Administrator.  Leonhart was forced into the spotlight for her awareness and involvement in a sex conduct scandal which resulted in only minimal punishment for the offending agents, and she was therefore pushed by officials to step down from her role at the DEA. It is not considered surprising that she has submitted her resignation.

Statements about departure

Attorney General Eric Holder made the formal statement about Michele Leonhart’s resignation, saying, “I want to express my appreciation to Michele, not only for her leadership of the DEA since 2007, but also for her 35 years of extraordinary service to the DEA, to the Department of Justice and to the American people.”  While Holder had positive words to say about Michele Leonhart, top members of the House Oversight Committee were reported by CNN to be anticipating her exit.  Members of the committee lost faith in Leonhart, stating that the woman “lacks the authority and will to make the tough decisions required to hold those accountable who compromise national security and bring disgrace to their positions.”  Republican chairman, Jason Chaffetz, stated, “In light of the DOJ Inspector General’s report and the testimony we heard before our committee, Ms. Leonhart’s resignation is the appropriate consequence.”  Another comment was made by democrat Elijah Cummings who mentioned, “With the opportunity now for fresh leadership, we are hopeful that the DEA can restore itself to an agency of distinction and excellence.”

On Friday, April 17, Leonhart disclosed the following statement through e-mail: “This has been a very difficult week for DEA, with members of Congress and the media asking tough questions and sharing our outrage about the disgraceful conduct of a few individuals several years ago. This employee misconduct has upset me for many reasons, but especially because it calls into question the incredible reputation DEA has built over more than 40 years.  I want to thank you for your continued expressions of trust and confidence as we navigate through these rough waters. I know you will remain focused on our mission and the commitment to excellence that is the hallmark of who we are, and what we will always be at DEA.”

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