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Is This The Last Year For Ultra Music Fest In Miami, FL?

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This past weekend, the three-day Ultra Music Festival was in South Florida once again, though it may not be coming back to Miami in 2015 after this year’s events. Ultra Music Fest is a yearly electronics music fest that travels around the country. Erica Mack, a 28 year old security guard, is still in critical condition after being trampled at the event Friday night. In addition to the incident, there were of course the usual overdoses and fights that occur every year. Will this be enough for Mayor Tomás Regalado to do something about it and prevent future problems? Or is the money just too good to let go of?

Ultra Music Fest 2014

Erica Mack’s incident could have most definitely been avoided, but mayor Regalado believes that the promoters of the event did not make sure all perimeters were secure and safe for the event. The fence that was between Mack and the crowd fell down and she was then bombarded by concert goers who did not have tickets to the event. This was not the only incident of the night; 153 people were reported as being treated by paramedics, and 84 arrests were made. Ultra is known for its heavy drug use and violence.

“It’s time to say goodbye,” stated Mayor Tomás Regalado . “We are bringing a resolution to the City Commission. If approved, the city will deny the permits for next year. We’d rather take quality of life instead of money.”

Ultra Music Festival brings into Miami about 10 million dollars every year, which is probably why the city put up with it as long as it has. Every year Ultra causes some sort of health/safety issue for city workers and party goers alike, but this year may be the final straw. Each year, Miami’s Ultra Music Festival has been getting more dangerous. If Miami doesn’t do something about it quickly and figure out a solution, next year may prove deadly.

Concert Arrests & Drugs

Attending a concert like Ultra should be fun and exciting, not frightening. There should be no reason that anyone should be hurt at a festival that is meant to bring people together through good music and good company. Most people also won’t act out in violent actions, but when large groups form, the accountability factor for the individual declines, making an event like Ultra potentially deadly. In addition, if a concert goer has to have drugs in order to have fun, there is something more serious going on, like a potential drug addiction problem.

If you attended Ultra Music Festival this past weekend and feel you may be struggling with a drug abuse problem, give us a call at 1-800-861-1768.

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