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Absolute Meth: Amphetamines Leaking Into Baltimore’s Waters

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water meth Baltimore, MD – Aquatic life in Baltimore is being exposed to hard drugs, like methamphetamine (meth) and amphetamine, reports CNN. We have seen firsthand what these drugs can do to the body, but what is it doing to our waters and the life in it?

Meth Water

These drugs that have leaked into the streams are actually affecting the growth, development, and health of many organisms. Some of the organisms that are being affected are rock moss, bacteria, bugs, and other living creatures. A new study that was published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology sheds more light on this issue.

Your first concern may be whether or not people could get high off the water supply, but rest assured that is most likely not the case. However, it does raise concerns about the plants and bugs in these bodies of water that actually play a large role in the aquatic food web. Bugs are main source of nutrition for many birds, fish, and amphibians. With meth and other hard pharmaceuticals being absorbed into our water and soil, it could ultimately affect our health, but to what extent is still unknown. More studies will have to be conducted over time to fully understand how this could affect the human body and our food chain.

This is not the first time drugs have been found in our waters. Another study found prescription medicines like antibiotics, antidepressants, and other forms of pills in other bodies of water. What makes this new study unique was that this was one of the first encounters of methamphetamine being found. There aren’t many studies that show illicit drugs in the water until now.

There are two factors that may be causing the problem. One is that drugs are being disposed of in a way where it is able to get to our water, like being flushed down the toilet. The other is aging water filtration systems that aren’t working properly to filter out these contaminants that are washed down the drain daily.

While more studies are being conducted, and hopefully new water infrastructures are put into place, there is actually a great way to dispose of prescription drugs by participating in the National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. This event helps keep unused drugs out of the water system, and away from the hands of those who would abuse them.

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