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Mindfulness Meditation Could Help Ease Chronic Pain

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chronic pain meditation A new clinical trial suggests meditation may help ease symptoms for patients who suffer from chronic low back pain. This is promising news for chronic pain patients searching for an alternative to prescription drug pain management.

Chronic Pain

A program called “mindfulness-based stress reduction” (MBSR) is more useful in managing low back pain, as claimed in a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

MBSR is a program designed to help patients suffering from various pain-related issues that may otherwise be difficult to treat with prescription pain killers. It’s essentially the practice of meditation that brings the patient’s attention to their internal and external experiences in the present moment. In some cases, yoga poses may be implemented during the meditation.

Does MBSR Work?

For this particular study, 342 adults who had suffered from chronic low back pain – between 3 months to seven years – participated in the mindfulness meditation study. After one year of attending MBSR classes, more than 40% of participants showed improvement in their pain levels and daily activities over those who received conventional treatment methods.

Although this study was conducted only with individuals suffering from low back pain, the results suggest the benefits of using MBSR could extend to other chronic pain sufferers.

Since pain is subjective, it can worsen with stress and negative thinking. Research shows that those who use positive thinking not only experience reduced pain, but also have a better chance at living pain-free long-term. An attitude of gratitude may be more beneficial to your health than you might think.

A combination of physical therapy, exercise, diet, meditation, and support might be the pain-relief method you have been looking for. Especially if you cannot take prescription pain-killers because of a dependency issue, or because you are scared of becoming dependent.  There are many ways to recover from pain, so don’t limit yourself to painkillers without doing some research. Your mind and body are worth it.

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