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Medical Marijuana Now Officially Permitted In New York State

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It became official that New York is now allowing medical marijuana as part of a new state bill.  This marks the 23rd state in the country to allow the use of medical marijuana when prescribed.  The Compassionate Care Act was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo and detailed that non-smokeable marijuana could be prescribed to patients for severe reasons.  The bill, however, was written loosely enough for various conditions to be allowed a prescription.

Medical Marijuana in New York

In June, the bill was passed by the State Assembly and Senate, so it was just a matter of time before the word went viral.  According to Gov. Cuomo, though, it was a process to get officials in agreement with these ideas and in a planned defense, explain how the benefits that marijuana held for medical use outweighed any potential negative consequences resulting from the drug use.  This was a process that took great consideration for the outcome of its safety.  Regulation of the medical marijuana was created fairly with the purpose focused on the patients that would benefit from a prescription of it.

Because the possibility of legalizing medical marijuana could go badly, Cuomo set up the bill so that the program could be suspended by officials if they felt the public was in danger in any way.  In other words, if the bill causes more harm than good, the plug can be pulled on the bill relatively simply.  Cuomo remains confident about the medical marijuana bill passing though and went on to state that “there is no doubt” about it providing assistance for citizens.  He firmly believes that his role as governor is to provide the proper needed care for people, and if there is an effective way of doing so then it should be done.

What The Medical Marijuana Law Means for Addicts

The accessibility of medical marijuana may grow and be more convenient for pot smokers, but what does this mean for the recovering addicts?  It may become more challenging than people may think for recovering individuals to remain clean and sober with these new marijuana laws in New York.  With marijuana dispensaries potentially appearing, a formerly frequent marijuana smoker may be triggered relatively quickly, or the alcoholic/addict be tempted to substitute their drug of choice with marijuana.  It’s important for those in recovery to remember that the legalization and decriminalization of a drug does not mean it is safe or non-addictive. This is something that an addict cannot afford to be confused about.  Laws like these can trick addicts into thinking that using their drugs is okay, but if there is truly an “allergy” to their drug, it won’t be long after one use that they fall right back into their cycle of addiction.  Consider this similar to how alcoholics view alcohol; alcohol is legal for anyone 21 years of age or older, but legality does not make an alcoholic immune to their disease of addiction to alcohol.  This is important for a marijuana smoker to realize about the medical marijuana laws.  With these laws, addicts in recovery may be at risk of relapsing if they are not aware of the dangers.  The best way for an addict to avoid this is to discuss how they feel on the matter, be honest with themselves and their sponsor if they have one, and consider the big picture before jumping right toward their drug without thinking.  The legalization of drugs can mess around with many addicts’ heads, which is why it is important to remember that laws don’t change the effects the drugs have or the compulsion to use that addiction brings.

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