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12 MDMA Overdose Cases at Wesleyan University in Connecticut

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mdma-overdoseThere were 12 MDMA overdose cases that occurred at Wesleyan University in Middleton, Connecticut earlier this week. This outbreak of overdoses demonstrated how substance abuse disorders don’t discriminate; even highly educated neuroscience degree-seeking students can get entangled in drug behavioral problems.  Four students from the university have been linked to these MDMA overdose cases and a full investigation is underway.

MDMA Overdose Incidents

Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT made the news recently when 10 students and two visitors were hospitalized for overdosing on what Wesleyan President, Michael S. Roth, claimed was a, “more powerful form of MDMA,” otherwise known as Molly.  On Sunday morning, there were warnings sent out to the students and faculty about the overdoses by VP of Student Affairs, Michael Whaley.  At first, there were only three overdoses reported.  One sophomore was in critical condition, while the other two were not in as severe a state. They did, however, display “similar symptoms,” according to the e-mail Whaley issued to the school.  The total amount of overdoses increased to 12 the next morning. By Monday night, it was confirmed by Middletown Police Lt., Heather Desmond, that 12 people were brought to the hospital for taking MDMA or Molly.

“Please, please stay away from illegal substances, [these] can put you in extreme danger,” President Roth issued in the warning. “One mistake can change your life forever. If you have friends who are thinking about trying these kinds of drugs, remind them of the dangers … These drugs can be altered in ways that make them all the more toxic. Take a stand to protect your fellow students.”

Students arrested and drugs seized

Police were able to link four students to the MDMA overdose incidents at the university and conduct searches for drugs in their dorms.  Wesleyan University students Eric Lonergan, 21, Rama Agha al-Nakib, 20, and Zachary Kramer, 22, were all in court for drug charges until posting bail on Wednesday, with a promise to appear on March 3, according to the Hartford Courant.  All three were studying neuroscience at the university.  Kramer’s attorney, Jennifer Zito, argues the case is “weak” and that her client is a conscientious student with a GPA well over 4.0.  She defended Kramer, saying, “He has distinguished himself in all areas academically at the university.”

Substance use disorders do not discriminate; even a highly intellectual individual can struggle.  When Kramer’s room was searched, about half an ounce of marijuana was discovered, along with 197 nitrous oxide cartridges and balloons.  The search conducted on al Nakib resulted in finding 610 Xanax pills and $300.  Lonergan’s dorm search resulted in what prosecutor Eugene Calistro Jr. called, “essentially a drug store in his room,” which was over 500 pills, mixes, and powders.  These were students with no previous criminal offenses.

MDMA doesn’t discriminate and any person can be affected.  It doesn’t matter if the individual is highly educated or not.  Substance use disorders can affect anybody, even a scholar.

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