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McGruff The Crime Dog Arrested For Drugs And Guns

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John R. Morales, the man who once played the role as the famous McGruff the crime dog, is not so trustworthy after all.

McGruff, the Crime Dog, also known as John R. Morales, has been arrested for having 1,000 marijuana plants, 27 weapons (even a grenade) and 9,000 rounds of ammunition in his house. He has been sentenced to 16 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to a crime that took place three years ago.

McGruff in Jail for Marijuana and Weapons

The former kid’s role model who was famous for his “Stranger Danger” phrase was first arrested in 2011 after Galveston authorities and drug dogs pulled over the former McGruff for speeding.  The Galveston police found blueprints lying in Morales’ front seat of two separate pot-growing operations, along with multiple marijuana seeds stored in the trunk of his car. The home of Morales was later raided, where multitude of marijuana plants, weapons and ammunition, including a grenade launcher, was recovered.

McGruff was first created in the early 1980s by global advertising company Saatchi & Saatchi for the NCPC, National Crime Prevention Council, which was used by U.S. police for spreading awareness against crime. McGruff the crime dog was played by actors that would visit schools and engage children through lecture, educational videos, and activities. It’s a pretty scary thought to think that this man was actually visiting our schools and was later arrested for the very same crimes that he was trying to help “prevent.” Although the actor insisted that he was nonviolent, the U.S. District Judge Vanessa Gilmore made the statement that won’t soon be forgotten, “Everything I read about you makes you seem like a scary person.”

Drug and Crime Prevention

It’s our job as a society to still continue to educate and help prevent drug use and crime. McGruff was just one person who made poor choices and it should not reflect on the cause that drugs and violence are bad. If you want to learn how to help someone who may be suffering from a drug abuse problem, give us a call today.

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