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I Killed A Man Confession: Matthew Cordle Talks From Prison

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Matthew Cordle released a video on the ‘Because I Said I Would’ site confessing to a drunken driving accident that ended up in the death of Vincent Canzani, 61, in 2013. Since then Matthew has been sentenced to 6 ½ years in prison and even created his own movement to help prevent future deaths from drinking and driving.

So now the question remains, how is Mr. Cordle doing? In a recent interview, Matthew shares a little about what it’s like after he was charged and sentenced to prison.

Matthew Cordle: I Killed A Man

Since Matthew Cordle has been in prison, The Watershed had the opportunity to speak with his Sister, Paige Cordle. We were able to hear first-hand how this has impacted the family and how Matthew was doing in prison. Since then, Matthew Cordle had an interview with NBC4i where he expresses that he does not regret his decision to accept full responsibility for the killing, but does express that other inmates think he is “not intelligent” for telling the truth. He believes he did the right thing regardless and stands by his word.

Save Your Victim

Matthew Cordle started a movement called Save Your Victim, which was designed to help raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving (even once). This is also a space where people can share their stories, obtain resources, and get involved to help prevent future drunk driving accidents. You can even like them on Facebook.

Because I Said I Would

Because I Said I would is a non-profit organization that started a movement to help better humanity by providing support in keeping our word through our promises.  Alex Sheen , founder of Because I Said I Would, had a vision that he thought was important enough to make a promise to keep. Since then, this movement has created a nationwide social movement that has pushed people to not only keep their promises, but help others and society as a whole.

Drunk Driving Prevention

One young man is locked up and another man is dead as a direct result of drinking and driving. Drunk driving accidents are 100% preventable and all it takes is one promise to not drink and drive. If you find that you can’t keep this promise because the obsession to drink is greater than your promise to not drive drunk, you may need help. Call today for more information on how you can stop drinking and stay stopped for good. Let us help you keep your promise to never drink and drive again.

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Want to get involved? Print your own Because I Said I Would promise card here, take a picture, and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. Just don’t forget use the hashtag #watershedpromise and tag us!

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