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Matt Bush Is Sober And Back In MLB

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Matt Bush spent almost four years in prison for a drunk driving accident that nearly killed a motorcyclist. Today, he’s in recovery and once again playing in the majors.

Matt Bush Sober

An alcoholic’s series of poor decisions land him in prison

In March 2012, Matt Bush was playing in the Tampa Bay Rays’ minor league system. He had previously had a few brushes with the law, both of which earned him dismissal from other ball clubs. The San Diego Padres traded him to the Toronto Blue Jays in 2009, following a drunken assault allegedly committed by Bush on a high school campus. One month later, he was accused of getting into a violent altercation with a woman at party, and the Blue Jays released him as well.

Despite his troubles, Matt Bush returned to baseball in 2010, this time signing a minor league deal with the Tampa Bay Rays. During spring training, Bush’s drinking would prove to be more than just recreational. On March 22, he borrowed his roommate’s Dodge Durango and spent the day drinking at various bars in Port Charlotte, Florida. A few hours later, Bush had a fateful collision with a 72-year-old motorcyclist. Panicked, he left the scene. But the damage was done. The motorcyclist suffered tremendous injuries but survived, and police caught up with Bush a few miles away. He was arrested, and later sentenced to 51 months in prison. At the time, it seemed that this would be the story of Matt Bush’s life.

Recovery and second chances

Matt Bush was released from prison in late 2015 to a halfway house, after serving 34 months of his sentence. He took a job working at a Golden Corral in Jacksonville, and it was in the restaurant’s parking lot that he auditioned for a Ranger’s scout.

After throwing a 95-mph fastball in the Golden Corral parking lot – with his department of corrections anklet still on – The Rangers decided to sign Bush to minor league deal, in what some would call “one of the unlikeliest comebacks in the long history of the sport.” Defying the odds, Bush took his second chance even further, getting called up to the Rangers’ Major League team in May 2016.

He’s currently in recovery, and regularly attends 12-step meetings. He works closely with his father, and with Roy Silver, a player development assistant, who notably worked with Josh Hamilton, another MLB player who publicly struggled with addiction. Bush is not allowed to drink or drive, and a single violation would result in dismissal from the team, and likely from baseball for good.

In an interview with USA Today, Bush recognized the chance he’s been granted and vowed to keep at his sobriety, despite the “demons” of addiction.

“I’ve always had the talent, and have always loved this game,’’ Bush said. “But I had demons that have held me back. They kept me down. Now, I’ve got another chance. And I’m making the most of it.”

Finding your own second chance

Unlikely or not, Matt Bush has found a gracious second chance in life, thanks to his commitment to sobriety.

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