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Marijuana Vending Machines Now Available In Colorado

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Opening up marijuana vending machines in Colorado didn’t take long at all, and we wonder how long before DUI, drug abuse, and crime becomes an even bigger issue with such easy access.  The ZaZZZ by American Green, officially unveiled its new marijuana vending machine outside of a popular barbecue joint in Avon, CO called Montana’s Smokehouse.

Marijuana Vending Machines

Before all of our recreational stoner readers get excited, these marijuana vending machines are for customers who can provide a valid medical marijuana card and proper identification. This may be a buzz kill for party goers, but for now, you’ll have to get your high elsewhere. The real question remains, as laws change and more ways to sell marijuana pop up, how will this affect our youth or even those early in recovery from drugs? Does anyone remember when cigarette vending machines were literally everywhere? How well has that worked out for our nation and our youth?

For those of us in the addiction treatment field, it just amazes us to know that while we are trying so desperately to combat drug addiction and abuse across the nation, others are working so hard at trying to legalize more drugs. Now with easy access on the streets in an uncontrolled environment like these marijuana vending machines, we don’t think that we’ll see more problems? What about those who are willing to break the machine and grab all they can, or the kids who take their  parents’ medical cards to get their high on, or the recovering addict who relapses because he just can’t take the temptation as he walks to a meeting? All of these factors play a roll in legalizing marijuana and creating an easier means to purchasing it.

Marijuana Addiction

Hopefully the legalization of marijuana does not destroy our nation, our youth, and those who are in recovery.  For those who are in support of legalizing marijuana, we welcome you to talk to someone who has suffered the devastating effects of drug addiction, the children that have lost their parents to this disease, and the parents who will never see their child’s smile again. Ask them how they feel about these marijuana vending machines and the legalization of pot. If you say we are being dramatic, then you may not know that most addicts started their drug addiction by first smoking weed. Only time will tell how much damage legalizing marijuana and these marijuana vending machines will do. But in the meantime, if you are struggling with drug abuse, please call us now at 1-800-861-1768. Drug abuse is real and you do not have to deal with this alone – we can help.

Not sure if you or your loved one is addicted to marijuana? To learn more about marijuana addiction, please click here: Marijuana Addiction Is Real

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