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Marijuana Parents: Pot Moms Believe They Are Better Parents

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Marijuana parents speak up in recent news. Cheryl Shuman, also known as the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana,” manages a $100 million funding facility specifically designed to invest in cannabis as well as a personal endorsement contract with secondary products in the cannabis industry. Cheryl is a celebrity, media, and public relations expert which somehow qualifies her to be a cannabis expert in recent years. Cheryl is not a medical doctor or even a scientist; she is a self-made entrepreneur who happens to have taste for weed and a little extra money.

Marijuana Parents Set A Bad Example

Amie Machado, one of the marijuana parents, speaks out in a recent CNN interview alongside Cheryl Shuman explaining how she promotes smoking weed even though her son had a drug abuse problem. “I say that you need to educate your children…I have a 22 year old, 18 year old, and an 8 year old. Um, my 22 year old got involved with everything other than cannabis because I was involved with cannabis, and I feel that he was just trying to do something ‘out of the box’ because I gave him that education. Once I found out about his use, I definitely talked to him and got him some help,”  states Machado.

Marijuana Legalization

How these marijuana parents believe that somehow getting high is going to fix their lives, society, and their children may borderline on bad parenting. When we look at the facts on how marijuana affects the mind and body, it’s difficult to argue that it’s good for you. It’s just another drug that gets in the way of developing healthy brain chemicals, emotional stability, and healthy living. The fact that these marijuana parents aren’t just smoking it, but trying to justify their behavior by promoting it, makes it more difficult for our society to help those who are suffering from drug abuse and marijuana addiction.

If you feel the need to escape reality by using any mind altering drug, you may want to ask yourself, “Why?” Life is a journey and emotions shouldn’t have to be suppressed with substances that allow someone to ignore mental health issues that they could be working through. You can run from your problems as long and as much as you want, but they will always surface. It’s much like sweeping dirt under a rug – after a while it will come out. These marijuana parents may be causing harm to others by promoting something they are not educated enough in to promote. Just ask someone who has dealt with addiction that started out with some harmless pot.

You don’t need to smoke pot, do drugs, or drink to be happy. We know because we have seen thousands recover, and here is one of their recovery stories.

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