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Legalize Marijuana: Is Hawaii Next? | Pot Laws

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It seems that pot smoking freedom across the nation is gaining momentum. According to a recent poll in the Aloha state, 57% of those surveyed are in favor of making marijuana legal in Hawaii. The poll included questions about the possible legislation to tax and regulate the recreational use of the drug. Money matters also influenced popular support for the measures in the poll. A Hawaii economic impact report theorizes that taxing and regulating the narcotic would save the state $12 million in enforcement costs, and also increase additional state revenue by another $11 million.

Legalize Marijuana

Amendment 64

Since voter support in the new laws that made marijuana legal in Washington State and Colorado passed last November, recreational pot smoking advocates from Massachusetts to Oregon have begun to become more vocal. Amendment 64 and Initiative 502 passed with much celebration, in Colorado and Washington respectively, enabling them to become the vanguard in recreational marijuana legalization. The rub here is that under Federal law, weed is still a narcotic, along with heroin, LSD, psilocybin (mushrooms) and peyote, to name a few.  Federal law notwithstanding, entrepreneurs in Colorado have been experimenting with establishing marijuana clubs, a place to bring your own stash and use publically without harassment. Local officials have taken a very soft stance against the new wave of public tokers while the national government considers the nuances of the new state levied pot laws.

Thoughts of the possibility of pot smoking in Hawaii make it clear that more and more people nationwide are interested in a culture shift. This shift would be a more tolerant and relaxed view of mind-altering substances used openly. The problem is that a slippery slope is introduced with making marijuana legal in various states. Pot is a mind altering substance, with sedative and hallucinogenic effects, which can become addicting if abused. Addiction to pot smoking is a very real reality; someone’s life can easily turn to pot as a crutch for life’s problems and quickly become consumed with smoking to deal with stress and bad circumstances. Using a mind-altering substance to deal with problems is certainly not a solution; it only makes the problems worse in the long run!

Substance Abuse Problems

Unlike abusing alcohol, heroin, crack cocaine, or other so called “harder” drugs, the physical effects of weed are often difficult to see. What can’t be seen right away are the mental effects, which are eventually manifest in adverse ways such as social phobias, cognition and memory problems, and an overall dereliction of cerebral ability. In other words: chronic use has serious consequences for long term mental health and quality of social life. Getting the right help now and thinking rightly and rationally about pot is so important in light of official legalization in Colorado and Washington, and possible new laws to be written in other states like Hawaii. Call us now to get more information about addictions and substance abuse: 1-800-861-1768. Don’t wait!

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