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Marijuana Club In Colorado Reflects New Policies

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Citizens in Colorado have been learning to adjust life after new laws basically made pot legal. Even though weed is now considered a legal narcotic in the case of personal use, the danger for addiction remains. Perhaps with its new legal status, the controversial drug will prove itself even more dangerous than before. Police in Colorado (and in Washington, the other state to legalize personal weed smoking) have already been working to develop new ways to detect “over-smoking” in order to combat a new spin on the DUI or DWI. A whole host of new and innovative public policies will be soon unveiled in the fallout of marijuana legalization. Along with public policies, the change in the law will create a new social dynamic manifested in public lifestyle. Unfortunately, more public access to narcotics or anything that intoxicates means more public potential for drug abuse, car accidents, domestic disputes, and criminal behavior.

Smoking Pot In Public

As a refresher, in Colorado Amendment 64 states that adults 21 and over are permitted by law to smoke weed for personal use. To celebrate this legislation, as well as the New Year, a new marijuana club opened its doors for a collective celebration of the law’s passing. Their moniker comes from the amendment itself and is called Club 64. The Denver-based enterprise provided “customers” with an online application that included a $30.00 door charge. Clientele then brought their paraphernalia and met in a rented retail store for the evening. This marijuana club has been planned for years; a place where people can freely smoke has been a coveted idea and business venture. Club 64’s owner plans to meet at different locations until a permanent space can be established.

Another member’s only smoking room, the White Horse Inn, opened in the town of Del Norte opened New Year’s Eve, only to close the next day. According to the NY Times, the White Horse Inn’s owner violated a rental contract by opening early and the landlord ended the lease. Apparently, the landlord did not like all the publicity that his new tenant was getting by proclaiming itself to be a marijuana club. While the Inn closed on New Year’s Day, Club 64 thrived and was considered a big success. While the $30.00 only bought patrons space to smoke publically, (they had to bring their own food and alcohol) the smoking bar is a sure sign of the inevitable shift in public policy.

Longterm Marijuana Legalization Questions Remain

Interestingly, some pot activists in the Denver area are skeptical of Club 64’s opening. According to FOX 31 in Denver, a spokesperson for Yes On Amendment 64 believes opening these weed smoking venues puts at risk the advances successful marijuana legislation has made. This means that even the more responsible proponents fear a backlash via unchecked pot use and public intoxication/disorderly conduct. These are the same problems found in current bars serving alcohol. The voters have elected to flood the recreational drug use market with more narcotic currency. There will be consequences and, as mentioned above, some pro-pot people are even wary of what uncontrolled addictive behaviors may do.



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