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Living Around Addiction In Recovery

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An article in a recent issue of the Recovery Now online newspaper focuses on celebrities who struggled and overcame their addictions to alcohol and/or drugs. The article accurately and succinctly sums up the correlation between drug and alcohol dependence and celebrities: “It’s common, perhaps even trite, to read a tabloid headline that a celebrity has a drug or alcohol problem. Drug and alcohol addiction in entertainment is so pervasive some might even say that it is par for the course or that it is unavoidable.” The fact is, like all vocations, the ones grouped in the entertainment industry (actors, singers, musicians, etc.) can struggle with substance abuse and are probably more prone to it. It can be difficult for a person to be deliberately abstaining while in the midst of an environment conducive to drug and alcohol use.

Living Around Addiction

This line of thinking leads to anyone who changes from living a life devoted to addictions to living a life devoted to sobriety and recovery. In the case of some actors, like Robert Downey Jr., a new life sober still includes vestiges of the old life. For example, an actor pursuing sobriety still may take roles that potentially have them in situations that include drinking or using drugs. Personal values and convictions aside, some people handle this in stride, while others flee from it. This translates into the world outside of entertainment as well.

Outside Influences In Recovery

For those people who go back to the same job they were working in active addiction, the transition back can be difficult. Conventional wisdom tells us that in order to flee those things that induce self-destruction we must literally flee! Some people, however, don’t need too, maintaining sobriety within the same environment. Of course, odds are low of a person staying sober while having the same desires and not changing external circumstances, like craving a fix while living in the best (or worst) part of the neighborhood to find a fix! The most helpful direction anyone suffering with substance abuse would be to work a program of recovery, one day at a time. An effective addiction treatment program, or rehab can help build a foundation of recovery in a willing individual.

What exactly are conflicts of interests can be highly debatable and differ largely from individuals and circumstances. While there is no magic formula, successful strategies can be developed through empirical inventory of past experiences and change in behavior. In other words, learn from your successes and mistakes in order to be in a place that is a help rather than a hindrance to your recovery and sobriety.

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