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Liquid Marijuana Used By Celebrities Influences Fans While Its Popularity Rises

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Liquid marijuana has become the latest trend, from defiant youth to carefree celebrities.  Naturally, the media pays particularly close attention to those in the public’s eyes that practically advertise their drug use. Instead of the latest shoes or matching ensemble, interviewers are now more interested in what drugs that stars have hidden on hand!  But what kind of mixed messages are these alleged role models sending to the rest of society about liquid marijuana?

What Is Liquid Marijuana?

An extract from cannabis, concentrations of the drug, dabs, liquid marijuana… it’s all really the same thing.  It’s just another method of ingesting traditional marijuana, except this can be done by using the ever more popular vaporizer pens.  Users are reportedly placing liquid marijuana – instead of vape oils and nicotine – inside, and taking a puff to achieve their desired high.  Because vaporizers are legally sold in all states in the country, it is extremely accessible and many are beginning to question what the customers are really smoking from them.

Sarah Silverman Pulls Out Pot Pen

On the night of the 2014 Emmy Awards, Sarah Silverman had no problem publicizing that she does “like to have a puff at appropriate times here and there.”  In fact, the winner of the award for Outstanding Writing for A Variety Specialty for the hit HBO show “We Are Miracles”  showed her liquid marijuana pen to a reporter during the red carpet walk.  Actress Anna Kendrick took to Twitter when she witnessed Sarah head to the stage, “Silverman is Barefoot and #HAF [High As Fools] Live your life girl.”  Silverman accepted the award, saying, “We’re just all made of molecules and we’re hurtling through space right now.”  Some might say that the 43-year-old celebrity’s actions were daring.  However, the drug – even in liquid form – is allowed for medical reasons with a prescription in the state of California.  This does bring up the question as to whether the leading lady does possess that required prescription or not.

Although California permits medical marijuana, there still has been great debate over liquid marijuana, including a recent dispute this past March that suggested a possibile ban on the liquid form of the drug.  “There’s no medicinal value to a high-THC concentrates like butane has oil, and we don’t believe it’s part of the array of legitimate medical marijuana,”  stated John Lovell, government relations manager for the Police Chiefs Association. Although a ban on the drug may help regulation of the drug and mandating the use of marijuana for its specific intended purposes in specified states, it doesn’t mean that people will stop abusing the drug, especially if it can be smoked relatively anywhere out in public without being noticed by others, since it can appear to look like it is simply just a typical vaporizer.

Dangers of Celebrities Endorsing Drug Use

Stars are constantly seen on television, in magazines, and in interviews.  They are a walking, talking, and living advertisement to viewers.  To young fans that idolize them and strive to be just like them, a celebrity’s actions, large or small, can influence a large number of young growing minds.  Take a look at Miley Cyrus as an example.  Now, it’s understandable that she would want to step out of her child star image after having spent so much time growing up with Disney, but she dove right toward a life of smoking marijuana and taking party drugs like molly.  What kind of a message does that send to youth other than telling them to go out and experiment with unknown substances?  If celebrities could additionally use their fame with intentions of advocating positive behaviors, they may notice a better impact on their fans.

There is a far more fulfilling life beyond anything a substance could ever provide.  Are you finding this difficult to see and it hard to stay away from a life consisting of drugs and/or alcohol? Contact The Watershed today to seek help.

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