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Lindsay Lohan Self Destruction Saga Continues

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It appears the report that even though Charlie Sheen helped out fellow silver and small screen cohort and starlet Lindsay Lohan for her own betterment; she still managed to get herself into more negative media reports. The Lindsay Lohan self destruction story has a new chapter last week. After reports that after Sheen donated a large sum of money to help pay off some outstanding tax debts, “Lilo” was spotted in New York City on a visit with her sister, Ali Lohan. They first were attending a Justin Beiber concert in which an up and coming English-Irish boy band, The Wanted was the opening act. Tabloid coverage has tried to string together a chronology of what happened later that night, but the basic context is that the Lindsay Lohan self destruction story of the week includes reportedly getting drunk all night, allegedly punching another woman in the face or at least engaging in some type of fight, and then capping the whole night off the next morning by a public argument with her assistant Gavin Doyle that ended in a verbal altercation and Lilo kicking Doyle out of the SUV they were about to leave the police precinct in.

Lindsay Lohan Arrested Again

Lilo does not fit the description of a high functioning alcoholic, even with her celebrity status. Rather, this latest excerpt from the epic Lindsay Lohan self destruction drama shows the world that the actress is better known for her real life exploits than her acting career. Gavin Doyle even tweeted after being expelled from his employer’s motorcade that “life is not a movie but a reality that needs to be faced.” Doyle makes a great point. The 26 year old Lilo has already had a highly publicized personal life filled with substance abuse, stints at rehab and a substantial arrest record. This most recent event has shown that not only the bigger they are the harder they fall, but if the problems are not addressed at the root level, the personal disasters only get increasingly from bad to worse.

Problems continue to surface for Lohan as a direct result of her addictive lifestyle. It comes to no shock that Lindsay hired a private detective recently in response to Tiffany Mitchell, the alleged victim, hiring Gloria Allred, a well known lawyer. It seems that Lilo would be less likely to be in the predicament she is now, if she could have possibly avoided clubbing on a Wednesday night when most other responsible adults are resting for the hectic work day ahead.

There is Drug Rehab Help Available

Unfortunately for Lohan, if she does not start the hard work of personal reformation and dealing with her addictions and getting the right help and counsel at an alcohol rehab, then her life’s struggles and run-ins with the law will only increase and get worse. But there is good news for her and for anyone who is struggling with living an out of control downward spiral of a life with drugs and alcohol. There is always help available. Call us at 1-800-538-1614 for more information on how to get a handle on whatever problems you might have with alcoholism or drug abuse.

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