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Seeking to reach increasing numbers of suffering addicts and alcoholics, The Watershed’s Life Savers Program launched a facebook page this week with the goal of communicating more efficiently with those that will benefit from its service. While the program has been in the works under the title of the Life Savers Club for nearly two years, only within the past two months did the “Program” aspect of Life Savers break off as its’ own particular entity.

The Life Savers Program is geared towards the professional community, while the Life Savers Club serves the Alumni community at large as well as The Watershed’s Family Outreach Program. Referrals are made to the Life Savers Program by medical, legal, and social service professionals, as well as members of the community and clergy.

In essence, the Life Savers Program is a free nationwide community service resource operating as an extension of The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, Inc. The Life Savers Program is available to the public as a resource to make referrals for individuals needing substance abuse treatment placement.

How it works: If you come across someone that is need of substance abuse treatment, you can let The Watershed’s Life Savers Coordinators know about the individual’s situation either through a phone call to 877-97-LIVES or via the Web site, Through that simple extension of your hand, the wheels get set in motion and The Watershed will take care of the rest of the process to the best of its ability, as far as it depends on the patient.

Many people needing substance abuse treatment will be in denial or unwilling to get help. The Watershed staff is trained in motivational interviewing and will address the patient of the severity of their chronic disease. Follow-up services exist for the patient and their family regardless of whether they come to The Watershed’s world-class facilities or not.

The Life Savers Program is unique in that even if, for whatever reason, an individual cannot come to its treatment facilities, The Watershed will not leave any individuals ‘hanging’ without resources available to them, perhaps more suited to their level of need. The premise is that through making a referral to the Life Savers Program, community leaders can rest assured that their patient, friend or colleague has been entrusted to The Watershed’s highly-skilled addiction rehabilitation experts. The Watershed employs a full-time staff of Resource Specialists whose sole job is to follow-up with those that will most likely never enter its doors.

Watershed CEO, Chris C., supports this passion for recovery, valuing the principle, “No addict alcoholic need ever be left suffering in their disease. Help is available.”

The Life Savers Program is expecting to launch a brand new Web site in the coming weeks that will assist in making referrals to The Watershed an even smoother process. As word spreads about Watershed’s unique Life Savers Program, professionals of many different practices continue to express gratitude for the thoroughness and quality of the ‘one-stop’ referral service. The Life Savers Program’s presence in social media will help spread the message that hope does exist and is help available to all.

The Watershed Addictions Treatment Programs, Inc. is licensed by the State of Floridaand accredited by the Joint Commission. More information on the Life Savers Program can be found at

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