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Letroy Guion: Felony Charges for Marijuana and Possession of Firearm

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letroy-guion-weedLetroy Guion is known as an NFL  defensive tackle for the Green Bay Packers, but this week he gained greater attention for his belligerent behavior when he received two felony charges for marijuana and possession of a firearm.

Letroy Guion Taken Away In Handcuffs

Instead of practicing on the football field, Letroy Guion was being pulled over Tuesday night for “failure to maintain a single lane,” as stated in the police report.  The officer who pulled Guion over claimed that the 315-pound football star reeked of weed.  ESPN lists the police report as saying the man was, “extremely uncooperative and hostile” during the encounter.  The officer ended up finding 357 grams of marijuana in his vehicle.

Also during the search, Guion admitted that he had a weapon registered in his name in the vehicle.  This was when a 9mm semi-automatic handgun was found.  Letroy Guion was arrested with felony charges for both possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm. Although the firearm was not loaded, Guion did not have a permit to posses the weapon in Minnesota.   He was allegedly just trying to carry it to Starke, Florida, which is where he is from.

Along with the gun and marijuana, a large sum of money was found – a reported sum of $190,028.81.  The 27-year-old athlete explained that the money came from having cashed his paycheck and that he was bringing it to help support his family.  In spite of this, the money and drugs were both seized due to their amount.  According to ESPN, the star was taken away in handcuffs saying, “Hey man, my money is in there. Don’t let him take my money.”  Guion landed himself in Bradford County Jail in Starke, Fl on a bond of $100,000.

Reactions to drugs in sports

Guion has been part of the Green Bay Packers since their last season on a one million dollar contract.  The Packers Team hasn’t said much about his arrest either, except for this statement: “We are aware of a serious matter involving Letroy Guion.  We have not yet spoke to [him] and we will no further comment.”  Though the NFL does have a strict policy regarding substance abuse, it seems that players have a tough time abiding by these guidelines.  What is it about adhering to these strict policies that players are not able to stick to?  Just this past week, the Cleveland Browns Receiver Josh Gordon received his third suspension after disregarding the NFL’s substance abuse policy.  With recurrent episodes of NFL sports stars going against regulations, there comes a worry that teams will end up losing their most valuable players.  One theory is that maybe some of these players are suffering from a substance abuse problem and need real help rather than just getting punished.

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