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Lamar Odom Drunk, Removed From A Delta Flight After Vomiting

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Lamar Odom, drunk and vomiting, was removed from a Delta flight Monday night. He was removed not once, but twice, reports TMZ.

Lamar Odom Drunk

Odom was reportedly pounding down whiskey and beers at the Los Angeles International Airport right before his flight to NYC. As the red eye Delta flight was about to depart, Odom jumped up from his seat and ran towards the bathroom where he ended up vomiting on himself, stated passengers. He then went into the bathroom and continued to vomit while the door was open. Once he was done purging, he went back to his seat covered in his own bile. It is then that the flight crew made a decision to escort Odom off the plane.

Approximately 10 minutes later, the former basketball star was then allowed back on the aircraft only to be escorted off again because of his intoxication and sickness. Odom’s estranged wife Khole Kardashian posted a sad emoji on Twitter a day later. Whether it was in response to Lamar or not has yet to be determined, but some speculate that it is

Some might find it shocking that Lamar Odom was even drinking, especially since he nearly died from a drug and alcohol induced coma not even 9 months ago. They weren’t even sure if he was going to recover, let alone live. He was a miracle and literally had a second chance at life, so why would he go back to the very thing that almost killed him and has robbed him of everything he loves? It is because addiction is a disease and it won’t go away without a program of recovery in place.

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Understanding Addiction

There is no cure for addiction, but it can be treated and the disease can be put into remission. In order for an addict and alcoholic to recover from the disease of addiction, effort towards their recovery must be put into action. Rarely does an addict or alcoholic stay clean and sober long-term on their own without proper treatment, a program of recovery and supports. Lamar Odom can stay clean and sober life-long if only made a decision to put his recovery first. We hope this relapse is short lived and that he gets back into recovery soon.

You Can Recover!

Do not believe the rumors surrounding the stigma of addiction that addicts and alcoholics are doomed and cannot stay in long-term recovery. Addicts and alcoholics can and do stay clean and sober long-term and we can show you how.

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