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Krokodil Drug Images: The Effects Of Drug Abuse

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While some drug names’ etymology or derivation, reflects the perceived benefits from using the substance (like “Ecstasy”), others, like the trending Krokodil (or “Crocodile/krocodile”) have a more sinister and macabre meaning. The Krokodil drug images in the video below will show just how devastating the effects are. Krokodil, a drug that mimics and evinces the effects of heroin, has been found in large quantities in Russia, though authorities are concerned it will show up in the United States before too long. The name “Krokodil” (Russian rendering) comes from fact that after injecting the drug, the surrounding skin and tissue of the user becomes scaly and starts to decay. In fact, the Krocodil drug images are extremely disturbing.

Krokodil Drug Images

WARNING: The following video contains graphic images and content that may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion advised. 

Krokodil Drug mages Of The Effects

The scientific name of the crocodile drug is desomorphine because it mimics the properties of an opiate, particularly heroin (and sometimes referred to as “dirty morphine”), in that it is synthesized by a mixture of codeine (which is over the counter—OTC— in Russia), gasoline, paint thinner, iodine, hydrochloric acid and red phosphorous. The drug’s effects include…wait. Gasoline? Paint Thinner? HCL? Yes, you did read this Home Depot shopping list. And this is what is being mixed for an inexpensive high, which will in all likelihood lead to expensive doctor and hospital bills that have to treat these users. The effects are again similar to an opiate (a fuzzy, lethargic buzz that envelopes the user in a warm blanket of euphoria), but the physical effects are monstrous to say the least.

Krokodil Drug Images Of Rotting Flesh

The worst affects of the krokodil drug images include total tissue atrophy, essentially eating the skin and tissue away and exposing bone, leading to loss of appendages. Other non fatal (initially) backlashes include pneumonia, blood poisoning, bursting arteries/blood vessels and meningitis. These are serious consequences for a cheap high. People who inject the drug on a daily or regular regimen have a life span that is reduced to only two-three years after first dose. Horrible disfigurement accompanies the prolonged exposure, varying in each individual according to strength and frequency of dosage. Brain damage and permanently impaired motor function also awaits the Krokodil abuser.

Fortunately for America, the substance has not been reported to have breached our borders. DEA officials believe this is because of the availability and affordability of black tar heroin and pharmaceutical pain medications like OxyContin. Not that these are any better alternatives! Drug abuse and addictions can be treated, and the Watershed provides help to those people or loved ones suffering from various afflictions, including mental illnesses and depression. Call 1-800-853-1614 for 24/7 help and find some answers now!

Knowing the dangers, would you try Krodokil? Share in the comment feed below.
krokodil drug image

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