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Kratom Ban Being Pushed In Florida To Stop Kratom Addiction

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Ever since the tragic suicide of Ian Mautner in July 2014, which was attributed to his kratom addiction, his mother Linda Mautner has been fighting to ban the sale of Kratom in the state of Florida.  Unfortunately, kratom is still legal, but law makers are working tirelessly to change that in the near future.

No Ban Despite Kratom Addiction

Kratom, which is described as a green, leaf-like substance, and is currently legally sold in Florida shops, can come in teas, powders, pills or in its traditional plant form.  Though it has been mislead as having a reputation for aiding in detoxification from addictive substances in the past, it is being discovered to have its own addictive qualities, producing withdrawals when users stop taking the substance; a quality that acts identical to detoxing from opiates.

A kratom addiction is more serious than society realizes, which is why the attorney general’s office is moving forward with further studies on the substance.

Despite the kratom ban failing to have passed in the state of Florida, Linda Mautner is content in the fact that progress is being made, because she sees more research being done by authorities. This proves there is hope for more information to be learned and brought to the attention of the public.  She also believes that by this time next year, the state will have taken further legal action against the drug, especially if kratom addiction worsens in the nation.  Since the drug has been directly associated with the death of her son, Linda has been actively involved in spreading awareness about the dangers of kratom addiction, and has been vocal on her stance about banning the drug through working with initiatives like The Addict’s Mom.

Efforts on mandating drug to reduce kratom addiction

After Ian’s suicide last year, the sale of kratom was watched more carefully by officials, even being restricted. Next month, Palm Beach County Commissioners will make it required for any shop selling kratom, to warn customers of the potential side effects. It is important to realize that even legally-sold substances like kratom pose dangers.  The case with Ian Mautner proves just this, since his suicide was believed to have occurred after his  2 ½ year addiction to the substance.

Kratom addiction needs to be viewed as any other drug addiction.  The legality of a substance does not define its severity.  It still remains a mind and mood-altering substance that directly targets the chemistry of the brain.

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