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Kerry Kennedy: Not Guilty For DUI Crash

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Apparently the Westchester County jury felt that Kerry Kennedy was not guilty for her drugged-driving charge which could have landed her a sentence of a year in jail. Kerry Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter, was arrested in July of 2012 after her Lexus SUV veered into a tractor-trailer on I-684. Kerry Kennedy claims she has no memory of the incident due to the fact she had Ambien in her system. So how did the jury find her not guilty again?

Kerry Kennedy Ambien Addiction?

The trial took about a week, and Kerry had to explain why she couldn’t recall driving for almost 5 miles or even striking a tractor-trailer. The reason she couldn’t remember? Kerry claims she “mistakenly” took Ambien, which is a hypnotic sedative (that people get addicted to and abuse, by the way). Don’t think the Kennedys’ came unprepared. They brought their own expert, pharmacologist David Benjamin, who claimed that Ambien can cause a zombie-like reaction in some people.

Kerry Kennedy’s defense team and attorney, Gerald Lefourt, also claimed that Kerry meant to take her Thyroid medication and must have gotten them mixed up. Prosecutor Doreen Lloyd felt that a long-term Ambien user like Kerry should know the difference.

Ambien, the brand name for Zolpidem, is commonly used to treat insomnia; when a person takes Ambien for a prolonged period of time, they can become dependent. Some effects of Ambien use are delusions or hallucinations, euphoria, amnesia or short-term memory lapse, coordination issues, and fatigue.

With prescription drug abuse becoming a more obvious problem in the U.S. it seems like maybe we need to revisit some laws. Does it make sense that the zero tolerance law should only apply to alcohol?

The truth is that drugging and driving is insanely dangerous, and Kerry Kennedy was fortunate that nobody was injured badly from her lack of judgment and disregard for others. Even more upsetting is that 22,134 people died from prescription drug overdose in 2010, according to the CDC (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention). We have a serious prescription drug problem on our hands and the solution is not to turn our heads, but rather treat the problem entirely. If you, or someone you know, have become dependent on a prescription drug, please contact us today.

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