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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm & Stay Clean

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stay cleanIf after we get clean, we want to stay clean, we found more work needs to be done. We cannot live in the dark and in the light at the same time. We notice as time goes on that even with the substances out of our body we still act out in behaviors as if we were using. We can't stay clean if we are not practicing principles in all our affairs.

Stay Clean Meditaion

“What is done in the dark will come to light.”

If we honestly look at our part and see where we fall short and are willing to change our behaviors, we stand a greater chance at staying clean. Character defects are simply behaviors or actions that block us from the spirit of the universe, light, or Higher Power. Anything that blocks us off from this power source inevitably causes anger, fear, resentment, and hopelessness. As a result, most of us will also suffer the consequences, relapse being the greatest consequence of all.

Most of us will not stay clean long if we are cheating, lying, deceiving, manipulating, or causing harm to others. The fact is that every action we take towards causing harm to others will ultimately affect us, even if they are unaware. It’s the secrets that will keep us sick and separated.  We can walk this tight rope for however long our balance will keep us on, but if we are to stay clean long-term, we have to take certain actions to ensure we stay clean. The choice is ours, but most of didn’t get clean to be unhappy and live dirty. We found as a result of our own behaviors clean, we blocked ourselves off from being happy, and more importantly, we blocked others off too. We meditate for the right motives and directions when we see that our dirty living is causing harm, we meditate so that we may learn and grow rather than relapse. We know this to be true, because others before us told us this was our path if we did not change our ways, it’s not an option if we want to stay clean. Let today be the day we strive for cleaner living.

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Written By: Watershed Ashling

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