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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm & Recover On

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keep-calm-and-recover-on“Time takes time.” – Recovery Slogan

Keep Calm and Recover On!

I use to lose sight of the fact that I was recovering one day at a time. I guess I was hoping for a quick fix, or that I would somehow be better overnight. Each day I would wake and be even more frustrated with my process in recovery than the day before. I was jobless, homeless, physically spent, and financially/spiritually broke. I was a hot mess. I found myself at 29 years old living in a halfway house with rules. I felt like I was a kid again. Had these people not known that I was a career woman and I have been taking care of myself for a long time now? Of course they didn’t know, because that is not who I was then, what I was was a drunk just trying to get and stay sober. I had to let go off all those expectations. I had to let go of my false ego and pride and recover on.

Time Takes Time

Bottom line, anything in life worth getting not only takes effort, but time. I needed to put all my energy in my recovery and let the process happen exactly the way it was meant to. I had to be patient if I wanted long-term sobriety. Once I was able to accept my situation for being exactly the way it was and trust that I was going to be OK if I just took a few simple suggestions, my life started to get better.

There is no end to recovery, there is just growth. If I try to manage my life, I have a tendency of managing it into the ground. When I let my new employer (my Higher Power) take charge of my life and I just focus on the foot work, my life is becomes amazing. It took me a few 24 hours to learn that. Someone once wished me a slow recovery when I was in treatment, I resented them for that then, but today I see what they were talking about. This is all journey and there is no finish line, it’s called life. How am I living life today, not yesterday (it’s gone), not tomorrow (it has happened yet), but today, is what will determine my level happiness. My life is better when I get out of my own way, stop trying to control everything and everyone, and just relax allowing the process to unfold as it may. So, today, I wish you a slow recovery and hope that you allow yourself to enjoy the process too.

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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