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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm & Go To 12 Step Meetings

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keep calm 12 step meetings“Meeting makers make it.” – Anonymous

12 Step Meetings Meditation

Ever hear the phrase “meeting makers make it?” If you have been in the rooms for a little while you may here that thrown around. You may even hear other things like “90 meetings in 90 days,” “90 and 90,” or “don’t leave before the miracle happens.” All of these phrases, or sayings, can be very helpful when it comes to keeping it simple, but if all you’re doing is just going to 12 step meetings, you may not be able to stay clean and sober long-term if you are a real addict or alcoholic.

Just going to 12 step meetings is not working a 12 step program. There is a solution in the rooms that has helped keep many addicts and alcoholics stay clean and sober since the 1930’s but if you aren’t willing to do the work, you won’t get the full benefits of what those 12 step meetings offer. The rooms are not just a place to discuss alcoholism or drug addiction, they are also a place to discuss how to stay clean and sober, offering the next suffering alcoholic/addict a solution out of their of addiction.

12 step meetings become a place where one can share their experience, strength, and hope as a direct result of doing the steps.  In return, these same addicts and alcoholics that seemed doomed share how they are able to stay clean and sober – they give hope.  They simply share in a general way what it used to be like, what happened, and what it is like now. They don’t speculate that this program works, they believe it, they live it. They trust a Higher Power, clean house, and help others. They continue to share the message that recovery is a reality. It not only helps them stay sober, it helps others to recover too.

If you are wondering why you can’t stay clean and sober or why you are miserable and you keep going to 12 step meetings, you have to look at your action. If all you’re doing is sitting in these 12 step meetings, talking about your problems, and not doing work, you are missing the best part of the program. You can’t point the finger at the 12 step meetings, treatment programs, or your family if you want to recover. You get out of your recovery what you put in. If you put in nothing, you will most likely receive nothing. It’s simple; If you want to see results, you have to put in the action.

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