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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm & Don’t Give Up

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Keep-calm-and-dont-give-upI use to think that giving up on whatever goals I had set out for myself was only based on laziness, but I found there were so many other reasons blocking me later.

Don’t Give Up No Matter What

I am a great starter of projects (that I want to start), but sometimes lousy at completing them. I compare it to running a marathon, you go really strong at the beginning and before you have even made it half way through, you burned all your energy and can’t seem to go on anymore. So, we think the answer is balance. If I balance my energy and efforts, I’ll be able to complete my goal. This is partially true, but there is another tiny factor we are forgetting and it’s called fear.

Fear has stopped me more times than laziness and imbalanced energy combined. When I was trying to get sober, it wasn’t about being lazy, it was about fear. What if I fail? What if this time it doesn’t work? What if I do all this work and still pick up? Then there was “Life stuff” fears which were the consequences from my drinking that seemed unbearable to even look at sober. After enough negative self-talk, I would eventually pick up, feed my fear, and show only to myself that it didn’t work. Ultimately, I would feel like a failure and give up on myself and my recovery.

Once I finally walked through that fear from a bad enough bottom for me, I would take that same kind of thinking into my sober life. Now that I am sober, being healthy is a huge part of my recovery. I quit smoking in 2012 and recently decided to get fit. Going to the gym and eating healthy daily was a struggle for me and not because I was lazy, but more because I was scared. What if I don’t get fit? What if I am doing all this work and nothing shows? What if…STOP! I had to stop thinking that way. It was of no use to me. I need to meditate and push through this noise one day at a time – then it clicked – I just need to take this one day at a time.

When I feed my fear, my fear gets bigger and louder. When I let go of expectations and negative thinking and just do it, I am then feeding my faith, and my faith becomes larger than my fear. I am then participating in the experience and enjoying the ride. I need not worry about the destination.  That is not up to me, I need to focus on my journey just for today.

So what did I learn?

Don’t give up, no matter what. No matter what other people say or what you think, just keep pushing through that noise until your new “goal” just becomes a way of life. Time takes time, don’t rush the process, and enjoy the experience for exactly what it is.

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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