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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm And Workout

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keep-calm-and-workout“Living by principles allows us to focus on progress, not perfection.”

Keep Calm And Workout Mediation

Keep calm and workout is the theme of the week. With New Year resolutions in full effect this week, I thought it would be a good idea to touch up on exercise, and how important it is to work out the body, mind, and spirit. Exercise can be an excellent tool in getting in shape, living a healthier lifestyle, and feeling good about you. We just want to make sure that we don’t take working out to an unhealthy obsession. Many addicts and alcoholics have what is called a skewed perception, obsessive thinking, and impulse control issues – as if most of us didn’t already know this. If we don’t have balance in our lives, we either will take exercise to the extreme or we give up a few weeks or even days in. Why do we do this?

We give up on working out and we take it to an obsessive level because of a few factors, our will power being one of them. When it comes to working out, our willpower seems to be the driving force behind many of our actions. We use this will to feel in control and we either see the results from our actions, and want more or we see nothing and give up. What if we replaced our willpower with turning over our will to a power greater than ourselves instead?

So how does one keep calm and workout long-term? That's simple, we just use the same principles that we use for our program of recovery. I can’t do this thing on my own, I already know that. I have proven over and over again that when I insert my power of will when it comes to anything in my life, I ruin it. The same goes for working out. I obsess and go strong for a while and then I give up, there is never any balance. When I turn my will over to my Higher Power, remarkable things begin to happen. I actually like to work out. I feel empowered and have a healthy desire to keep up with this new lifestyle. I build a routine and all of a sudden I start to see results but am not obsessed over it. I have more energy because I am not foolishly wasting it on my thinking. The days I meditate asking my Higher Power to help me obtaining a healthy body image and lifestyle, are the days that seem to just flow. My mantra when working out has even changed; instead of “I can do this” I’ve switched it up to “I can’t, he/she can” and it works!

So if you want to live a healthier lifestyle and actually fulfill your New Year’s Resolution THIS 2014, keep calm and work out using the same principles you would use for your program of recovery. We practice these principles in all our affairs, meaning it can and does work if you work it. Just for today practice this option and see if it doesn’t change your perception of how to exercise. Just for today I will give up my power to control and I will let my Higher Power do the work for me. I can’t, he/she can.

What are some techniques you have learned to keep calm and work out long-term?

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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