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Meditation: Keep Calm & Work A Program Of Recovery

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keep calm program of recovery"First things first." – AA slogan (Alcoholics Anonymous)

Working  A Program Of Recovery Meditation 

How many of us found ourselves at some point in our recovery saying “and then what!?” with either frustration or fear? Some of us made it into recovery and asked that very question when it came to living clean and sober long-term. How were we to stay clean and sober during major life events, like marriage? Forget the fact that some of us didn’t even have a boyfriend or girlfriend yet. The thought of staying sober longer than an hour seemed unbearable at times, how were we to do this for the rest of our lives? So we got into recovery, and then what?

Getting clean and sober in a detox is just the first step towards recovery. Going into a treatment center is really the discovery phase, and when we enter the real world that’s our recovery. Most people that have found success in living clean and sober long-term have found that working a program of recovery helps. There are many recovery programs out there to choose from. Some favor religion and church, others 12-step fellowships, and some achieve it through therapy and self-help groups. Although most favor 12-step fellowships, it is each person’s journey to discover what works for them.

The truth is though, if you are a real addict and alcoholic, not just a heavier drinker or user, you will need to put work into your recovery. Addicts and alcoholics who suffer from the disease of addiction need to work some sort of program of recovery if they wish to not only stay clean and sober but be happy as well. Having the knowledge that you are an addict/alcoholic is not enough to keep you clean and sober long-term. Fear will not keep you clean and sober long either. Eventually the insane idea to pick up will win out if you do not have a solution to your addiction problem. Just staying dry off of drugs and alcohol won’t work during rough goings. The problem of the alcoholic and addict is that the problem centers in their mind and not in the drugs and alcohol.

The main question we should be asking is not “and then what?” but rather “what am I doing for my recovery today?” If we allow our fear or frustration to take over our thinking, we will lose out on the amazing journey recovery has to offer. If we find we are struggling to not pick up today, we may need to rethink how we are working a program of recovery. Those who work a program of recovery explain that the miracle of their program is that the obsession to drink/use was lifted. If you want what they have, try doing what they are doing. Recovery works if you work it! 

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