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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm and Shake It Off

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“Shake it off, Shake it off.” – Taylor Swift

Shake It Off

Sometimes we don’t feel good in recovery. We may have a stomach bug, the sniffles, or just feel physically off. This can also affect us emotionally and mentally because let’s face it, we didn’t feel good when we were drinking or drugging, so not feeling good in sobriety has a tendency of triggering those old scary feelings. The good news is that we can take the proper steps to wellness instead of just sitting in our sickness like we use to. We have the ability to recognize that this too shall pass and we will do our very best with what we have and how we feel. At the end of the day, all we can do is just shake it off!

The other thing that happens when we don’t feel well physically is that we forget to adjust our thinking to allow ourselves the opportunity to just not feel well.  Our best might not be as well as when we are on top of our game. Sometimes not feeling well can include an illness, not eating enough, eating too much, not getting enough sleep, getting too much sleep, anyone can add to the list. All these things can change how we physically feel and in return can help create how we think and emotionally feel, so remember to be patient with yourself during this process.

It’s OK to not be OK sometimes, but do not allow it to control your every move. Bringing in the awareness that you do not feel good and then letting it go and giving it up to a Higher Power will help the process of getting better that much quicker. Many times we just want to dwell in the fact that we don’t feel well and for me it’s usually because I am scared. Not feeling well brings on a lot of feeling that can be challenging to face no matter how much time sober you have. The feelings of being out of control, powerless, and weak are just a few that seem to pop up when I do not feel well. As long as I remember that my Higher Power is in charge, this too shall pass, and I take the proper measures to get better, I will be fine, even if I don’t feel it at the time. This too shall pass and we do not have to allow our body to control our mind if remember to give it up and shake it off just for today.

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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