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Monday Motivational Meditation: Keep Calm and Open Your Heart

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keep calm and open your heart “When pure sincerity forms within, it is outwardly realized in other people's hearts.” -Lao Tzu

Open Your Heart Mediation

Nothing says freedom like being able to be authentic and vulnerable without fear of rejection. Imagine how much love you would be able to give and receive if you just opened your heart a little? And I am not talking about opening your heart to the wrong person, if you get that gut feeling that they are not right for you, chances are they’re not. I am talking about the healthy risk of opening your heart to new ideas, people, and experiences. There is nothing wrong with being genuine, sincere, and honest about how we feel. Those are sometimes qualities that most tend to just ignore when really we should be embracing them. 

Many times we are not honest with others about matters of the heart because we are afraid of rejection or humiliation, but is that really a reflection of us anyway? Who cares if we get rejected, we didn't open our hearts for them anyway, we opened them because we have so much love to give we want to share it with others. Whether the person chooses to accept that love or not, is on them and we will still have more than enough love to share anyway. So be vulnerable and authentic with who you are and open your heart to a new belief that your love means something and deserves to be shared. Having an open heart with another person doesn't have to be with someone that you are looking to date either; it can also be shared with friends and family members. Don’t limit your love, love is limitless and unconditional. Love is action. 

What about opening your heart to new places or experiences? This can sometimes be just as scary. The thought of going to a new event, party, or meeting can sometimes bring on some fear and many people would rather just put up a wall then really dive into the experience. It’s almost easier to protect our hearts then to just let go and trust our path. Give that heart to the universe, open your mind, and see what new and amazing things will unfold. Once again, I am not talking about talking about throwing caution to the wind and putting yourself out there in an unhealthy way. I am talking about letting your Higher Power guide the process rather than you controlling everything around you. 

Even in recovery we can sometimes feel like we are at the train station watching the train of life pass us by. Many of us let our fears stop us from experiencing amazing new feelings, people, places, and even things. We let our negative thinking block us off from the light, we close our hearts and we begin to think we are missing out on something. Well, you are! Open your heart and get excited about what life has to offer, embrace change, and welcome new growth. Let this Valentine’s day be about loving yourself enough to love others and experience new things. Happy V-Day – know you are loved today!

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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